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Clarks Pure Blossom Honey 710g

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Clarks Pure Blossom Honey 710g
Property Value
Description Clarks Pure Blossom Honey 710g
Kcal 316Kcal
Kj 1344Kj
Fat (g) 0.2g
Of which saturates (g) 0.1g
Carbohydrate (g) 78.8g
Of which sugars (g) 62g
Salt (g) 0.3g
Protein (g) 0.2g
Fibre (g) N/A
Property Value
packsize value 6
Brand Name Clarks
Ingredients A blend of EU and non-EU honey.
Country of Origin
Storage Honey is formed from nectar which is converted by the bee into a concentrated solution containing many sugars, but in the main dextrose and fructose. Dextrose is not particularly soluble and it is this sugar that tends to crystallise in clear honey. Set honey takes advantage of its insolubility, being a dextrose crystal lattice with the liquid fraction in the spaces. Clear honey should be stored at 20°c (68°f) on average, but no higher than 24°c (75°f) or lower than18°c (64°f).
Cooking Guidelines N/A
Usage Statements Store at room temperature. Ideal temp 18-24°c. Once open consume within declared shelf life. Honey may begin to crystallise over time, this can be reversed by gently warming.
Allergen Advice Safety warning: Warning: Not suitable for infants under 12 months.
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